IN STOCK! Lily And The Magic Comb

IN STOCK! Lily And The Magic Comb

Lily and the magic comb is a wonderful enchanting book written by V V Brown and illustrated by Kate Hazell. The book is an adventurous journey of discovery where the lead character transports herself to anywhere she wants to go within her imagination because of a magical comb.

With its eye popping unique illustrations and charming rhyming the book seeks to inspire and represent a space of confidence for children who are often not represented in children's literature.

Author: V V Brown

A million records sold worldwide, a career that spans over 15 years and a roller coaster ride career with stories ranging from Cheeseburgers with Stevie Wonder, performing with Grace Jones and modelling for huge chain Marks and Spencers. V V Brown has seen and experienced quote a lot.

The 37-year-old from rural Northamptonshire is lots of other things, too. A survivor. A striver. A Marks & Spencer model. A role model to other young black women. A musician who’s been dealing with record labels and been embroiled in the music industry for almost half her life. A singer who loved her big pop moment, when her hit 2009 single Shark in The Water helped her debut album Travelling Like The Light sell one million copes in the US alone, as well as propelling her to the top of the charts in France.

Alongside this extensive CV, she has now acclaimed her self as a children’s author, journalist, writing for publications such as The Guardian, The Huffington Post and more.

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Illustrator - Kate Hazell -

Age 0 -8 years

Written by V V Brown
Illustrated by Kate Hazell