It was incredibly frustrating visiting libraries and various book shops and finding hardly any books that represented my dual heritage children.

I decided to write a children's books called Lily and the magic comb, illustrated by Kate Hazell.

The story is all about a little girl who receives a magic comb from her mother and with it she can go anywhere she wants to go in her imagination and achieve her dreams. 

After speaking to various publishing houses we were told that a book with a dual heritage character was a niche market.

With much anger and shock I decided to set up my own publishing company and social media platform called Woke Kidz Books.

We then set up a kickstarter and raised £7300 and sold over 200 books. 

The book is now available to pre - order to the world and will be available to buy Feb 2021.

We are so passionate about representation and we believe that representation has a profound effect on all our children's well being. 

All creeds and colours should be represented in books and all media. 

Let us change the world one book at a time.